Akshaya considers himself a tireless observer. He prefers sleep to debate, rhyme to reason and music to science. The artist in him plays with the impressionism and expressionism of words and images. The two things that truly unsettle him are injustice and intolerance. He thinks of himself as a bird fighting its way out of the egg like world, trying to make sense of all that is around him — the social, political and economic dimensions of the state of affairs and the people who deal with them. The fractured polity of Indian nation and its fragmented society, in the light of rapidly changing times, are among his primary interests. Various conflicts that have emerged because of these times and primarily, the violent tug-of-war between ethnic and modern identities, disturbs him. He is a firm believer in moderation, yet without discounting on the spirit of rebellion that he thinks essential to the very sensation of life. What may be of less importance otherwise, but surely not for Akshaya is the game of Cricket. Although Art, according to him, is the only thing that matters, Cricket can still put all matters to rest.


One thought on “About”

  1. You are all this, and you are That.

    The egg that you refer to is the moral womb. You, the bird man, will have to fight with an angel to overcome this egg. You will defeat this angel, and that angel will give you a new lease of life. This will happen. When you have defeated that angel, show respect to it and ask for a gift.

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